Syktyvkar Plywood Mill is the largest Russian producer of wood-based materials: chipboard and plywood

Uncoated plywood SyPly™


Coated smooth plywood SyPly™


Coated meshed plywood SyPly™


Special plywood SyPly™


About company

Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LTD is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of plywood and wood-based furniture panels.
Extensive experience in the production of chipboard and plywood, accumulated in 1976 and 1987. accordingly, it allows to produce products of the level of world standards.
The most wood-bearing base is distinguished by its advantageous location of the plant. For the production of our products, the best wood is selected from the taiga forests and birch groves of the Republic of Komi, Tatarstan and Udmurtia, the Perm Territory, the Arkhangelsk, Volgograd, Kirov and Kostroma regions.

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Plywood SyPly in the Dachny Answer project on the NTV channel. A field-war novel.

The authors of the project faced a difficult task - to transform the former military facility into a modern recreation space.


Plywood SyPly in the Dachny Answer project on the NTV channel. Steam bath in the eco-garden.

The builders of Dachny Otvet breathed life into the empty plot of the heroes of the TV show: they made competent zoning, brought in a lot of greenery and placed a soaring bathhouse right in the middle of the garden.


Traditionally, the third Sunday in September is the day of forest workers!

Dear colleagues, partners and everyone who is professionally connected with this holiday, please accept our sincere congratulations! We wish you and your loved ones great vitality, peace, prosperity, excellent mood, energy, success in your chosen business!

Spheres of application


Monolithic housing construction

Transport Engineering



Design of
the exterior



Children's furniture and equipment for playgrounds

Trading, service and warehouse equipment

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